NBC Montana: Bozeman restaurant launches new way to order dine-in food

NBC Montana News

by Jayda McClendon


BOZEMAN, Mont. — The Club Tavern and Grill in Bozeman is now offering a QR code to order dine-in food.

The restaurant has been in Bozeman for over 30 years. Like all restaurants, they’ve made changes to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Club Tavern and Grill originally replaced its laminated menus with single-use paper ones, but the cost added up quickly.

“In one week alone, between breakfast, lunch, dinner and our drink menus, we went through about 1,500 sheets of paper, and that’s not including the ink,” said Arkinda Mickelson, food and beverage manager. “So we’re looking at over $1,000 in a week.”

That’s why they decided to switch to something less expensive and eco-friendlier.

If you choose to dine in, you can now order from your smartphone using a QR code. Once you scan the code with your phone’s camera, you click on a link that takes you to the restaurant’s online menu.

Food distributor U.S. Foods provided the QR code to the restaurant, while the restaurant supplied the paper and lamination.

Mickelson says the QR code is also helpful because their menu is constantly changing these days.

“Just based on food availability of things like beef and the food costs — we’re seeing on those items go up significantly, especially this week,” Mickelson said.

Since they started using QR codes, Mickelson says it has been well received — mostly by younger people.

“It’s easy to navigate, but I think there’s a little bit of a learning curve for people,” Mickelson said. “People are still a little nervous with using the phone.”

That’s why it’s not required. If you’re not interested in using the QR code, you can still use a paper menu.

“The Club Tavern and Grill has always been comfortable with wanting to cater to everybody in this community and anybody who comes through this door,” Mickelson said. “So every demographic and every age.”

Mickelson says they’re taking precautions to keep their staff and customers safe.